Peace of Mind Guarantee



American Business Machines was established in 1954 on the principle of offering our customers the best available technology in business equipment and the highest quality service in an easily accessible and efficient manner. Over 60 years later, we still adhere to that same principle. We know that our customers are concerned with running their business, not their business equipment. As such, ABM stands by our core principles and values in our unique offering of an exclusive guarantee.


ABM guarantees your business equipment performance. In fact, we are so confident in the business equipment that we represent that we guarantee their performance for 1,500,000 images or five years (whichever comes first). Your business equipment will operate as well on the last day as it did on the first, provided that your equipment is continuously covered by an ABM full-service agreement. If we are unable to repair your equipment at your location, we will provide you with a cost free loaner until your equipment repair has been completed. (This guarantee does not apply in cases of accidental damage, natural disasters or abuse.) In the rare event that we cannot repair your equipment, we will replace it with a machine of equal or greater capabilities and/or value.


  • SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS in cost, speed, productivity, image quality and imaging capabilities!
  • NO DOWN TIME 24/7/365: ABM offers an incredible 24 hour, 7 day per week, 365 days per year service hotline that provides you with a GUARANTEED 4 HOUR RESPONSE on your service calls in addition to a MONEY BACK SERVICE GUARANTEE! If we don’t arrive within 4 hours of your service call, we will refund you one full month of your base service contract for the unit being serviced.
  • TRADE UP GUARANTEE: You use your money best when you use it twice. ABM helps protect your business equipment investment as your business and your needs expand. As long as your equipment is always covered by an ABM full-service agreement, ABM will buy back your equipment at the maximum trade in value and apply that trade in value toward the purchase of a larger, more expensive copier from ABM for up to five years.
  • GROWTH OPTIONS: You may add equipment to any of your locations at any time during your contract with ABM. At your option, any added equipment will be coterminous with your original contract term(s) for both your service and lease agreement. Current rates on existing service contract(s) will apply.
  • SERVICE EXPENSE GUARANTEE: ABM puts a lid on escalating service costs, allowing you to accurately budget your service expenses. We guarantee that the cost of your service contract for any one year will not increase more than the CPI for your area, as long as you have the equipment.
  • QUALITY SUPPLY GUARANTEE: ABM guarantees you top quality supplies at considerable savings. Because the wrong supplies may damage your equipment, you also save your company the expense of unnecessary down time and service calls. With ABM’s supply guarantee, your operating costs are insulated against the ravages of inflation. You save on the cost of supplies today, as well as the amount that they would have gone up during the year; and ABM stores the supplies for you free of charge, ready to be delivered to you when you need them.