IT Management

Total IT Managment Solutions

American Business Machines’ IT management services give you freedom from costs and time associated with in-house IT personnel. Outsource your IT needs with a reliable and committed team of professionals that take care of behind the scenes technology so you can focus more on managing your company.

From network monitoring and hosting to helpdesk support and cloud services, we’ve got the resources to keep your business safe from threats and correctly functioning.

Network Security

Our managed services program combines the best of support and service–and, it starts with network security. Whether it is to complement the data transport services that your organization has or to manage and monitor customer premise equipment, American Business Machines can confidently support all of your needs.

Network Infrastructure

Network and mobile security are huge challenges that many organizations need experts to manage around the clock and across the globe. When partnering with American Business Machines, you get managed security services with a range of capabilities including:

  •  Perimeter security
  •  Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Content security
  • Threat and vulnerability protection

Cloud Managment

There is a growing concern and need for businesses to maintain cloud ecosystems. While cloud usage enables companies to increase efficiency while simultaneously implementing simplicity, there are serious security concerns. Retrieval, storage, and document management are only a few of the struggles that many infrastructures find challenging.

By partnering with us, you never have to worry about your cloud infrastructure being at risk or managing everyday tasks. From IT management to tracking and optimization with public or private cloud resources, American Business Machines can help you automate and deploy cloud resources.

Our IT Managment Method

American Business Machines’ IT management program helps you address long-term IT outsourcing needs. Our consultants help CIOs and IT leaders significantly reduce operational cost and improve the efficiency and quality of service.

Our service delivery promise includes: 

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Minimized risk
  • Reduced costs
  • 24/7 application management
  • Testing services
  • Hosting and disaster recovery
  • Ongoing development
  • System integration


Our IT management services revolve around solving your IT problems in a quick and effective way. Speak with an American Business Machines representative today to see how our managed IT services can help your business run save time and lower operating costs.