5 Kinds of Office Equipment Every Small Business Needs

Some kinds of office equipment are a given. You’ll likely need desks, chairs, computers and office supplies. But what else? No two offices are the same. But regardless of the size and layout of your workspace, there are some common elements that can help make it a more productive environment. Are you starting a small business? Here are 5 kinds of office equipment to consider for your Houston business. Click To Tweet

Office Equipment Every Small Business Needs

When you are opening your own business, there will be plenty of important decisions to make. Where will the location be? How can you gain a competitive edge in your industry? Then there are the more mundane questions, such as what kind of office equipment you’ll need. Here are 5 pieces of equipment you’ll need when you open:

  1. Multifunction Printer
  2. Servers
  3. Uninterruptible Power Supply
  4. A Network Switch
  5. Telephone System


1) Multifunction Printer

For most small business, a multifunction printer (MFP) is a crucial piece of office equipment. These machines print, copy, scan, send and save at high speeds and high resolutions. With the right type of MFP and a properly configured network, anyone can walk over to the printer and scan documents directly to a desktop application on their computer, or email the documents to a coworker working remotely.

Pro Tip: Consider leasing your office MFP to ensure you always have the latest model and don’t have to handle maintenance alone.

2) Servers

Unless your company relies exclusively on the cloud, you’ll need a few servers to run in-house databases such as ERP systems, document management systems and data storage. Servers are also used for file sharing and as a backup location for office computers. Of course, there should be an off-site component to a comprehensive data backup strategy, but servers are still a must for most small businesses.

3) Uninterruptible Power Supply

Since modems, routers, and switches are low power devices, a low-end UPS can keep these running for a few hours during a power failure. Employees using charged up laptops can continue to work for a time, limiting the amount of downtime an outage will cause. More expensive UPS devices can keep servers and network-powered VoIP phones running even in an outage.

4) A Network Switch

Typical routers only have a limited number of physical ports. Fortunately, a router can be connected to a switch, which has as many as 48 ports. Switches can also be stacked, giving you ample ports for all your devices.

5) Telephone System

Carefully consider your specific needs before purchasing a telephone system. If you are confused by the many systems that are available, ask other business associates what they are using and if they are happy with their purchases.

Set Up For Success

The kinds of equipment you need ultimately depend on the kind of work you do, but this list is a good place to start.

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