3 Office Organization Tips For Efficient Operations

Do you spend more time looking for documents, supplies, emails or your phone charger than you do working? If so, you could be losing valuable productivity. The good news is that getting organized requires only a little planning, commitment, and consistency. Tired of wasting time at work looking for office supplies? Follow these tips to get organized! Click To Tweet

Office Organization Tips

You spend so much time at work, so it makes sense to take as much care with your workspace as your home. Here are some tips to keep you organized:

  1. Purge Regularly
  2. Keep Needed Items Close
  3. Organize Supplies

1) Purge Regularly

The first step to getting or is to get rid of the unnecessary stuff taking up your valuable office space. Go through those stacks of papers and get rid of duplicates. Clean out your desk drawers and filing cabinets and throw out (or recycle) anything you haven’t used in six months. When you’re left with only necessary items and have removed excess clutter, you can more easily organize what’s left.

2) Keep Needed Items Close

Searching for items or having to get up to get something wastes time. If there’s something you need to use frequently, keep it within reaching distance to where you work. This may include a phone, reference books, planner, files, mailing supplies, printer, etc. If you have many items you need to keep near, you might need a bigger desk.

3) Organize Supplies

Where are shared office supplies, like MFP toner, pens, and paper clips? A mismanaged and disorganized supply closet seems like a small problem but can cost you quite a lot in lost productivity and missing supplies. Consider putting a single employee in charge or weekly inventory, ordering, and monitoring employee use of supplies, to ensure there is no waste.

Individual Styles

Everyone works differently, but for most, a messy workspace representative of a disorganized mind. Organization isn’t about neat piles and labeling everything. It’s about setting up your office in a way that allows for productivity and doesn’t hinder work, whatever that means for you.

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