5 Tips for a Memorable Business Brochure Design

While many businesses have all but eliminated brochures, they’re still helpful and necessary for others. The outdated “nurses office” brochures of childhood years may be out, but the right design can give you an edge over your competition. Are your business brochures outdated and lackluster? Reinvigorate your brochure design with these 5 tips. Click To Tweet

Business Brochure Design

Here are 5 tips to get you a modern, memorable brochure.

  1. Think Outside the Tri Fold
  2. Order Information Properly
  3. Print a Mockup
  4. Keep It On Brand
  5. Use High Quality Ink

1) Think Outside the Tri Fold

The traditional tri fold is great for some, but it can pay to think outside the box. This is especially true if you need longer brochures, or if you’re targeting millennials. You may opt for a smaller, postcard style, or invest in a modern, sleek brochure with tabs and striking typography.

2) Order Information Properly

In a tri-fold design, the front outer flap and back (center) panel are visible without opening the it. As it’s opened, the inner flap becomes visible, at the same time the start of the inside left is exposed. The inside, far right panel is the last section to be seen and may be overlooked, so definitely don’t put your critical message there.

Pro Tip: Layout your brochure design before you print to make sure that the information is ordered appropriately to catch the reader’s eye.

3) Print a Mockup

Whether you are designing the brochure yourself, or receiving a proof from your graphic designer, print it out and fold it up. Printing it at full size ensures that the type size is as you expect (don’t rely on just viewing it on screen). Folding it will force you to make sure your panels are in the right order and that elements align pleasingly from one part of the layout to another.

4) Keep It On Brand

Always make sure that the look and feel of your brochure ties in with the company’s branding, style and the message they want to give. So if you’re designing for a top-end luxury restaurant, it’s unlikely that a graffiti-style die-cut front cover is going to fit the bill, no matter how cool it looks. You get the picture.

5) Use High Quality Ink

There’s almost nothing that hurts customer confidence like a blurry, faded brochure. You’re essentially handing over an elevator pitch for your business, and it has to shine to land you customers. Using an MFP with high quality ink is  good place to start.

Make it Readable

Above all else, your brochures need to be read, so make sure that they are large enough to be legible and not so complicated that it’s difficult to open, close or understand. You should do the hard work in designing something readable so that the reader doesn’t have to.

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