How Cloud-Based Printing Can Streamline Your Business

There’s nothing worse than troubleshooting printer issues when you’re short on time or on your way to an important meeting. Older printers are the cause of many a headache in the traditional office setting. The good news is that cloud-based printing eliminates many frustrations of printer ownership. Click To Tweet

What is Cloud Based Printing?

Simplifying and streamlining your office processes and upgrading equipment is a great way to save money and boost productivity. Moving to the cloud does just that.


You have easy access to printers and copiers from anywhere with internet. No need to carry around a laptop or use a desktop. You can also print to printers and copiers using a mobile device.


With cloud-based printing, there’s no need to install or maintain a local server or invest in costly IT infrastructure. Instead, you purchase the software and cover the annual maintenance and renewal fees that are typically priced per user and device.

Reduced Waste

Cloud printing applications keep a record of usage data including what was printed, who printed it and when. This allows you to periodically analyze usage and monitor printing trends. You will know if unnecessary documents are being printed or if an employee is abusing their access.


Software upgrades are more than automatic. They happen uniformly and in real time. You’ll have instant access to all the latest features as well as software fixes and security patches. This is vital to keeping your print processes efficient and secure.

A Better Way

Streamline your print processes, eliminate office clutter, and save time and money with cloud-based printing. Avoid those frustrating troubleshooting moments and give your employees the convenience of printing from anywhere. Make the switch to cloud-based print applications today.

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