Your Basic Office Equipment Checklist

Every business, no matter how modern or remote, has requirements, There are basic machines and devices that streamline workflow and make processes easier. From a printer to a shredder, there are certain office machines that your office needs to operate adequately. Click To Tweet

Why Your Business Needs Basic Office Equipment

The secret to an efficient business is the team that runs it and the equipment that facilitates that team. Your team should be well trained and experienced, but should also have the right tools to ensure their success. Here are several office machines that every business should start out with:


If your office has even just one computer, you’re going to need a printer. Many business documents such as financial contracts, invoices, letters, and reports need to be stored as hard copies. Ideally, your office would get a powerful MFP that has the ability to print, copy, scan and send data electronically to a recipient or to your cloud server.


Presentations are usually an integral part of any office. Whether it’s building a strategy, providing training to employees, or making a business proposal, simply talking through these is boring and cumbersome. Presentations provide clarity and context and make it easier to maintain records and make notes.


Shredders are necessary to destroy sensitive documents. They destroy papers to such an extent that putting them back and recovering the lost information is almost impossible. They are crucial when confidential information and data relating to human resources are documented.


While this one may seem obvious, your computer should be a high-quality machine with software and systems that allow it to integrate with other office machines.  Your office technology should operate efficiently separately and in harmony with other equipment. The best printer money can buy won’t help you if your outdated computer can’t connect with it.


Don’t wait until there’s an urgent need to order supplies. Your office should have a well stocked and carefully inventories supply closet with anything your employees might need. This might be scissors, staples, paper or pens, but they should be accessible and well maintained.

Planning For Success

You made a business plan before you started one of your own, and the same level of care should be shown to your office itself. Plan ahead to ensure that employees have everything they need to do their jobs well.

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