Your Guide to Printing Beautiful Marketing Materials

When you hand a client your card or a company brochure, are they impressed? Marketing materials can take on many forms, yet they share a common purpose: supporting your business and driving brand visibility. Small businesses, nonprofits, startups and corporations all benefit from using some kind of marketing material to inform customers and inspire confidence in their brand. To make the best impression with potential customers, prioritize the quality of your marketing materials. Click To Tweet

Printing Beautiful Marketing Materials

Printing your own marketing materials saves a significant amount of money. Professional printing service providers charge far more than their wholesale materials cost. If you need a large batch of marketing material, you can save a lot of money by printing them yourself. Marketing print materials don’t have to be cold or formal, but can be designed to look rustic, casual and unique. However, here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to DIY printing:

Invest in a High-Quality Printer

Your marketing material is only as good as the printer it’s created on. Invest in a high-quality MFP for polished, professional print products. For larger-scale materials, such as posters, a wide format printer can deliver stunning graphics and ink quality.

Make a Statement With Paper

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your printed format is if it’s on cheap paper. Bleeding, ink transfer and poor print quality are all common traits of plain printer paper. Use paper of a heavyweight, and get creative with colors and textures.

Think Outside The Box

Modern customers expect the unexpected. The ordinary simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Business messaging should be innovative and creative, with a welcome surprise element. From shape to messaging, the sky’s the limit in today’s marketing world.

Know Your Audience

Before you launch a marketing campaign, research your audience in order to determine common traits. You should get a good understanding of your customers and prospective customers by pinpointing the demographics of your target audience. Determining which individuals are most likely to become customers allows for the marketing messages to be tailored and focused. The result is always better than a huge, generalized campaign.

A Strong Impression

Your print marketing materials leave an impression on customers long after they’re received. A beautiful, memorable brochure or flyer can differentiate you from your competition and create brand continuity over time.

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