5 Mistakes that Hurt Business Efficiency

A business is like a car.  If it doesn’t work every day, you won’t make it to your destination as quickly. Businesses that run smoothly and receive consistent care will enjoy increased efficiency and in turn, productivity.

Spotting Inefficiency

Are your Monday morning meetings as productive as they used to be? Is business growing at a healthy pace or has it become stagnant? When one employee is behind, does the whole office face delays? If so, you may have inefficiencies impeding the success of your business.  

1) A Lack of Integration

Say you’ve invested in valuable print management software. In theory, such a solution should streamline your printing process and manage all devices in the same system.  However, if you don’t properly integrate all your office devices, the software can’t do its job to the fullest.

2) Valuing Form Over Function

New technology can be flashy and exciting, but unless it’s smart, such upgrades can be costly and ultimately useless. Think less about your equipment’s appearance and more about what it adds to your workplace.

3) Not Acting on Feedback

Customer feedback is crucial to the success of a business because it provides business owners with insights that they can use to improve their service, products and customer experience. Even bad feedback offers a chance to identify weaknesses and strengthen them. Ignoring feedback will spell disaster for your business.

4) No Cross Training

Cross-training employees ensures that all employee have the skills to perform basic tasks for each other. Without cross training, unplanned absences wreak havoc on office workflow. While employees may not be able to perform complex tasks for each other, they should possess a basic understanding of all job duties.

5) Cutting Costs Unwisely

Everyone wants to save money when possible, but skimping on important devices or software will often cost you in the end. A cheap office copier might save you money initially, but unless if was made for high volume and quality, it will likely experience problems quickly.  These can result in constant repairs, toner and ink replacement, or employees opting to outsource for their printing needs. Investing in a high-quality copier might cost you more up-front, but will last longer in the end.

Room For Improvement

Even if you think your business is running perfectly, there’s always room for improvement. A business that fails to move forward will end up falling behind. Implement smart spending policies, listen to your customers, and set goals for the future. Before you know it, you’ll start seeing results you didn’t think were possible!  

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