Top 6 Advantages to Outsourcing IT Services

As a business owner, it can be hard to relinquish control of certain aspects of your business. This despite the many advantages there are in doing so! Outsourcing IT is especially valuable, since it’s very technical in nature, and creates the foundation for your entire business.   

The Value of Outsourcing IT Services

Outsourcing your IT frees you up to focus entirely on your business. Developing and maintaining IT is a full time job, which cannot be done in addition to your other work. By putting that burden on someone better equipped to handle it, you’ll be able to refocus and align your priorities.  Instead of working in your business, you can work on your business.

1) Cost Efficiency

An IT department can be very costly to to fund and run. Qualified IT management professionals have to maintain their level of expertise, which requires regular training.  All these expenses add up quickly.  When you outsource your organization’s IT functions, you pay a set monthly fee. There are no surprises.This allows you to budget with full confidence.

2) Security

Ensuring that your network and sensitive data is protected should be a top priority.  Customer confidence is tied to this.  A breach can result in financial damages, compromised customer data, network downtime or a complete server crash.

3) Increased Productivity

Without the burden of handling business IT internally, employees are better able to focus on their own jobs. Without a designated IT service, untrained employees are often tasked with handling IT maintenance.  This results in wasted time, and can leave the business open to vulnerabilities.  IT should always be managed by a certified professional, allowing everyone else to focus on their work.

4) Access to Better Technology

If you are a new or growing business, you may not have the resources for all the state of the art hardware and software necessary for a solid IT infrastructure. Outsourcing your IT provides the same services as an in-house provider, but without the costs associated with funding an entire department.

5) Accountability

An outsourced IT service has their reputation on the line.  That is added incentive to ensure that your security is up to date, your firewalls are strong and your data is protected.  While you might delay a software update for weeks, too busy to handle it, your IT service provider will take care of it promptly, because that’s their job.

6) Quick Response Time

IT data centers are better equipped to fix problems in real-time, because they have both experience and equipment.Planning includes figuring out what applications and data are critical. It also includes having the right hardware architecture in place and ready backups of essential items. Outside vendors should also have software that can correctly reload the old applications, data, n

A Must-Have for Small Businesses

IT infrastructure entails the complex environment of hardware, software, and computer networks that allow your business to function properly. It’s crucial to your success, yet it can be daunting for new or growing business owners to approach.

You have worked hard to form your own business, so make sure your IT is facilitating that success.

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