How to Check Your MFP Security

The security of your technology is often something you take for granted. You may overlook blind spots in your network, but hackers won’t. These weak points can impact your network, business, and customer confidence. It’s vital that you ensure the security of your devices, in turn ensuring the security of your business.

MFP Security 101

We use a wide array of devices and machines in our everyday lives. This interconnected patchwork can present many vulnerabilities. Just one can open you up to cyber threats, viruses, and malware capable of crippling your network.

Backdoor to Your Network

Although you might wonder why anyone would want to exploit your printer, think of it as your backdoor. The target may not be your printer, but it acts as a way inside your network. Cyber hackers are adept at identifying weak points that can be breached. From there they are that much closer to your sensitive information.

Viruses and Malware

Beyond the threat of hackers, there is the constant threat of online viruses and malware to contend with. Protecting your devices from everything they’re up against requires constant vigilance. It’s important that you understand the risks so that you can better protect what’s yours.

A Simple Solution

Running a business is a lot of work, and it’s easy to see how things might slip through the cracks. There are simple solutions for device security that can mitigate the risk of a data breach or virus. One such solution is an application called KYOCERA Secure Audit. This will help you check the security of your MFPs, pointing out vulnerabilities and suggesting solutions. The result is instant action when weaknesses are found.

Protect Your Devices

It’s vital to your business to frequently take inventory of all devices and their security levels. Many applications exist that can do this for you, such as the KYOCERA Secure Audit. Such solutions make it easy to stay ahead of changing technology and secure your network from threats.

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