Color Management in Printing: Keeping it Professional

Have you ever pulled important documents from the printer only to see the colors appear dull? If so, then you know the importance of color management to your business.  Color management is a collection of software tools designed to fill the gaps between various office devices. With proper color management, the colors displayed on your monitor should represent the colors in your final product.

Color Management in Printing 101

Color is critically important for businesses of all types. The use of color in print, reports and marketing material can give your business the professional polish it needs. Unfortunately, poor quality color can make you appear unprofessional.  It’s a small detail with big impact.

1) Maximize color accuracy

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing one color on your computer screen and another color on your paper.  Color and print management allow you to proof and verify before you print, which ensures color accuracy. This will save you time and money in reprints and possible print outsourcing.

2) Preserve color and brand integrity

Color accuracy is important to ensure the integrity of your brand. If your logo is cherry red and black, but prints pink and gray, that’s a problem. You want to create continuity in all printed materials for your business. Colors should always match, creating a recognizable brand theme.

3) Color managed workflows

Color management products are only beneficial when they are utilized.  These solutions should enable you to focus on your business. Managed workflow increases efficiency and control, which cuts down on preparation and production time. This will ultimately increase the bottom line of your business.

Giving Your Business the Best

Print technology continues to evolve, providing greater versatility and affordability for small businesses. Remember, your printed material reflects your brand, so quality and consistency are vitally important. You can’t afford anything less. Make a good first impression every time with excellent color management in printing. 

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