How KYOCERA Total Document Solutions Can Streamline Your Output Management

It’s impossible to run a successful business without technology. And why would you want to? The products and tools available today handle output management so you can focus on production. Finding the right office technology can streamline your processes and maximize efficiency.  

Output Management

KYOCERA goes beyond just manufacturing document imaging devices.They can help identify the challenges you experience with documents, streamlining your entire document workflow to reduce costs and increase workplace productivity. Total Document Solutions offers a customized approach to help transform complicated tasks into simple, efficient processes. Create your own office solution with the following:

Scan, Save or Send Apps

The AccuSender App allows you to scan and send large documents quickly and easily with no size limitation, using secure file transfer, email, or fax.  DMConnect Pro enables features forms recognition, which allows data to be extracted automatically without manual indexing. Quickly scan documents using 2D barcode capabilities and eliminate the human error associated with data entry.  The PinPoint Scan 3 allows your to scan directly to any number of locations on your PC or Mac quickly and securely from a network-connected KYOCERA MFP. Automatically integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive,and Microsoft One Drive for added convenience.

Store & Print 

The Cloud Connect App enables users to print and scan directly to the cloud from your KYOCERA machine. It’s easy to retrieve your stored files and provides the flexibility to access them from anywhere. Upload scanned files to your preferred share drive and add tags to ensure they end up in the right place.  The DocuWare Connector offers seamless integration with your devices by connecting to both onsite and cloud versions. Hard copy documents can be securely scanned and sent from any connected device for processing, archiving or sharing.  Easily print archived documents from your machine’s control panel.

Connect to Google

Google is synonymous with the internet and is overwhelmingly prevalent. With the Google Connector app you can easily access, search and print Google email, attachments and calendars directly from your device’s control panel.

Build Your Own System

The flexibility and convenience of Total Document Solutions make it a must-have. Pick the solutions that work for your needs and streamline the tasks that used to feel like a hassle. KYOCERA has mastered the art of “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Build your own solution for output management and maximize your workflow! Want to learn more about how KYOCERA can work for your office? Contact Us today!