How to Choose an Office Copier

Copiers have evolved dramatically in recent years. They’re no longer limited to one function but can accomplish many tasks at once. Whether you need to scan, print, share or fax, you can get it all done in one place. But unless you are technologically savvy, you might not know where to start or how to choose an office copier.

How to Choose an Office Copier: Special Features

Many newer copier models offer special features such as hi-res printing, stapling and hole punching, which add a professional touch to printed materials. If you present printed material to customers, a polished touch can go a long way!  For businesses that require less presentation, you can save a lot by skipping the special features. If you’re not sure how to choose an office copier, here are some tips:

Inventory Your Needs

It’s important to assess your needs before you start looking for a new copier. Take into account the number of employees using the copier, the desired speed and image quality. Taking an inventory of your needs will help you narrow down the search to copiers that meet your criteria, and will also help you avoid paying for features you don’t really use.

Buy or Lease

Office budget is often the primary guiding factor when looking for a new copier. Use the base price of the copiers you’re considering, but also take into account the cost of toner, maintenance, and repairs. In some cases, you’ll find that leasing a copier is more cost effective than buying one. This is particularly true when dealing with rapidly changing technology, which renders some copiers obsolete after only a few years.

Ask Employees

Although this one seems obvious, always ask for input from the people using the copier the most: your employees. They may have valuable insights you hadn’t thought about or specific complaints about the current machine that could be avoided with a different brand or type. Also, ask about the amount of printed material currently being sent to printing services offsite. If you could upgrade to a copier with the capacity to handle what you currently outsource, that could be another cost benefit.

A Key Machine

Your copier is central to your business operations because it’s used by nearly everyone in the office. It’s important that it runs smoothly, is user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance. Get started getting the most out of your office productivity with this guide on how to choose an office copier.

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