5 Multifunction Printer Features that Empower the Remote Worker

The remote worker has never been more popular than it is today. Companies save on overhead and office space and maximize employees’ work hours. One piece of office equipment that empowers the remote worker like no other is the multifunction printer (MFP).

Multifunction Printer Features to Manage a Remote Workforce Seamlessly

You can save on overhead expenses and boost your overall productivity with a remote workforce. However, you still want to have accountability and promote your company culture. The MFP is your one-shot solution to empower your remote workforce with the following 5 features:

1) Remote control panel.

With proper user authentication, users may operate your MFP from outside the office. All they have to do is login with valid authentication information and they can print and send documents straight to your team at the office or wherever they are. These machines also integrate with many document management systems to streamline your document management processes. Your team can stay connected from wherever they are in the world with internet access.

2) Mobile printing and scanning.

Printing from a mobile device is as easy and simple as sending out an email. You can print from anywhere at anytime without the need for coming into the office. Scanning and digitizing documents will also allow your remote workers to easily share files and documents with each other, vendors, and clients without the need for physical copies. You can also scan in signed contracts, invoices, receipts, etc and save them electronically. This keeps your workforce out in the field as much as possible, making them more efficient and more productive.

3) Password protection.

Your business data is vital to your ongoing success. With authorized user access, data encryption, and pull-printing, your important and sensitive business data remains secure.

4) Multiple users.

You can set up profiles for all your employees, each with their own individualized access authorization. This allows you to control what each employee is authorized to access. It also opens up a world of real time collaboration opportunities so your employees can work together from wherever they are. Documents can be accessed, modified, and saved into the cloud so each user always has access to the the most recent version.

5) Address book.

Most MFPs feature an address book that enables users to find contacts quickly. It stores contact emails, addresses, fax numbers, and scan information in one entry. This will streamline your workflow and increase your productivity.

Working Remotely Has Never Been This Easy

If you have a remote workforce or are considering implementing remote workers in your current business design, the time has never been better. Business technology such as mobile devices, cloud storage, and document management all work together to enhance your remote workers’ experience. Multifunction printer features bring it all together. Consider adding an upgraded MFP to your office fleet today.

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