The Role of an MFP in a Paperless Office

Everything is going digital. Messaging, shopping, business, and even dating is in the digital world. Converting to digital makes many things easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Having a paperless office even boosts productivity. What then, you might say, is the role of the multifunction printer?

Bridging the Gap in a Paperless Office

While you may have converted to a so-called paperless office, some documents will still sometimes need to be printed and copied. You will need physical copies for various reasons. Your MFP is designed to bridge the gap between the digital world and the physical world in the following ways.

Converts documents.

MFPs with scanning and storage capabilities can convert documents to digital format to avoid needing additional paper. You can also use them to convert documents into various formats, move them quickly into your workflow, and share them with others electronically. Your document management has never been easier or faster.

Monitors usage.

MFP’s are instrumental in monitoring your office paper usage. This is the first step in taking measures to reduce paper usage. Merely informing your employees that you will be monitoring paper usage typically reduces print output by up to 10%.

Replaces multiple machines.

A multifunction printer is several machines all in one. It replaces your scanner, copier, printer, and fax with a single machine. It effectively cuts down your paper, ink, energy, and consumables usage.

Reduces postage.

All your documents can be filed digitally with an MFP. This reduces your need to print and mail documents as they can simply be sent via email. This saves you both paper and money.

Lessens chances of reproducing documents.

Printed documents have a knack for getting lost, unintentionally thrown away, or misfiled. These documents then must be reprinted, using more ink and paper. You can instead store them digitally using an MFP and greatly reduce this trend.

Adds a little inconvenience.

Store your MFP in a somewhat secluded location and eliminate all personal printers. This will force your employees to think twice before making unnecessary copies and printouts. They will evaluate how much each print job is actually needed.

Simplifying Processes

At the end of the day, you want the solution that makes things easier, faster, and better. You want to save money and time, and you want to boost your office productivity. Your MFP is the one solution to all of these goals. It effectively bridges the gap between the electronic and physical worlds you operate in. If you haven’t made the switch to a paperless office yet, consider a high-quality MFP as your first step to your best year yet.

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