How Wide Format Printing Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

If your business requires a large volume of printing or prints larger things like banners, posters, wallpaper, murals, vehicle image wraps, architectural drawings, construction plans, etc., any money and time you can save in the printing process is key. You may have looked into different options before, but never considered a wide format printing solution. However, it may be just the solution you need to boost productivity and save money.

Wide Format Printing: A New World for Business Owners

Printing technology, like all other technology, is continuously advancing and improving the ways we print. For the business world, this means considerable improvements and cost savings may be available through newer technology such as wide format printing. A wide format printer is a computer-controlled printer capable of supporting a max print roll width between 18″ and 100″. Consider the following 5 reasons why wide format printing may be ideal for your business:

1) Advanced Droplet Technology

The ink droplet technology used in wide format printing means more pixels per square inch yielding much higher quality images. Whether printing in enhanced, normal, or high-speed mode, the images are amazingly clear and sharp. Your graphic presentations and images will be of much higher quality than with standard printers. Higher quality means a much more professional image for you.  

2) Can distinguish text from graphics

Wide format printers are capable of correctly differentiating text and images in a document while printing. This means they can read the text in any document accurately. There will be no mix-ups and no need to correct mistakes.

3) Unmatched printing speeds

Saving time saves you money and these machines print at a much faster pace than other printers. The average wide format printer can print up to 15 posters with high-quality graphics and photos per hour.

4) Versatile

These printers are versatile and ideal for various industries. From home design, marketing and advertising, entertainment, construction, healthcare, and education, these machines work well in many different settings. 

5) Cost-effective

These machines empower you to print much more in-house than ever before. This saves you both time and money while increasing your productivity.

Open Your World with Wide Format

Better productivity and cost savings are always better for your business as long as the quality remains. With wide format printing, you get better productivity, cost savings, AND better quality. If your business requires large-volume, high-quality printing, consider investing in a wide format printing solution today.

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