3 Types of Managed Services for Your Business

Managing workplace productivity is essential to increasing your bottom line and keeping your business moving forward. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of all the processes of your daily operations is one way to enhance your workplace productivity. There are several types of managed services designed to help you do just that.  

Enhancing Workplace Productivity with Managed Services

“Managed services” is a blanket term encompassing several types of services provided to businesses by an outside party. The managed services model is beneficial to both the small and mid-sized business pace as well as large corporations. Consider how the following 3 types of managed services will increase workplace productivity for your company:

Document Management

Managed document services (MDS) optimizes and manages a company’s entire document output process from archiving and capturing to infrastructure and workflow. It increases your productivity by reducing paperwork, centralizing and organizing your document filing system, and making remote working and collaboration much easier. It also allows you to control authorized access to sensitive client and business data. In the event of a disaster, natural or manmade, it provides business continuity by keeping your documents secure and accessible.

Print Management

Managed print services (MPS) you manage and optimize your business printers, print output, and the processes and employees supporting these devices. It will allow you to consolidate your printer fleet, streamline printer location, improve document security through authorized access, and manage remote printing. Print management goes hand in hand with document management. Print management also reduces your environmental impact by streamlining your print processes.

IT Management

Managed IT services, delivered by an IT service provider, oversees the functionality of agreed upon IT services and equipment. It can replace your entire IT department or work together with existing teams and service providers. Managed IT will keep all of your browsers, software, and applications up to date with the latest versions and patches as well as troubleshoot any problems or issues that may arise with your software and network. It is a cost-effective way to keep your network, systems, and devices up to date and running well with the latest technology when you need them. You will get a guaranteed quality of service, flexibility, quick response time, and access to tech experts.

Changing Your Business for the Best

You can’t afford to pass up an opportunity to boost your workplace productivity. Managed services provide many cost effectivity opportunities to do just that. Consider streamlining your workplace processes with managed services to increase productivity and your bottom line.

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